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Lahijan is the largest city in east of Gilan province, Iran, locates on the northern slope of the Alborz Mountains. Beautiful and spectacular city with an ancient history and stunning natural landscapes that is one of the most magnificent tourist areas in the north. It borders the Caspian Sea in the north and  Langarud in the east, Deylaman in the south, Siahkal in the southwest and Astaneh-ye Ashrafiyeh in the west. The people of this city speak Gileki as their mother tongue and Persian language as of the official language of Iran. Join Ealiya Gasht Tourism Company to see Lahijan 's attractions.

Lahijan Tourism

Lahijan, Gilan's beautiful bride , hosts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists with its spectacular views. It's favorable culture and climate have made this city a major tourist hub in north of Iran. This city has a variety of natural, historical and cultural tourist attractions.

  • Sheitan Koh (Satan's Hill) and its waterfall
  • Baam-e-Sabz
  • Lahijan Pool (Estakhr)
  • Shen Chal & Sustan Pool
  • Amir Kalayeh International Lagoon
  • Telecabin
  • National Garden
  • Mirsafa Park
  • Akbariyeh Mosque
  • Central Mosque
  • Golshan Bathhouse
  • Daily Markets
  • Iran National Tea Museum
  • Brick Bridge (pole Kheshti)
  • the Tomb of the Four king (Char Padeshahan)
  • Sheikh Zahed Gilani Tomb

Traditional Foods

In Lahijan, you can enjoy a variety of traditional food including:

Mirza'ghasemi, Torshe'tare, Bademjan'khoroush, Sir'vabichke Morgh-e-Lako, Baghale Ghatogh, Torshe Tare, koii Khorosh, Sir ghalieh, Alo Mosama, Naz Khatoon.


It has been known for producing orange blossom, muffins and tea from the past. Also this city has been the center of silk production and export from the past. Rice produced in Lahijan and Rasht, accounts for 60% of Gilan production. Overall, tea, rice and silk are the main agricultural products in this city.


In summer, the climate in Lahijan is warm and humid. In the winter, the first warm winds blow and then the snow falls. Relative humidity is 76% to 79% and sometimes reaches 100%.